Block Ads In Chrome with Adblock Plus

Do you hate the annoying flash ads that ask you to complete some stupid arcade task to win a free prize? So do I. Not only do I hate those ads but I hate a lot more ads than you can imagine. The “Obey” ads? Annoying. The “One Weird Tip to XYZ”? Go away.

At ChromeSpot we attempt to go easy on the ads but we know there are other sites that ruin the experience for everyone. While we’d love you to show your support for Chromespot by keeping ads on, we understand that sometimes it’s just too painful to browse the web with ads enabled. So we’re showing you how to turn them off using a Chrome Extension called Adblock Plus for Google Chrome (Beta).

The app has nearly 1 million users and is rated over 4.5 – that’s pretty stunning! Simply visit the plugin page, hit install, and BOOM- no more ads. This may affect the functionality of some pages where “features” are accidentally seen as ads by the plugin and shut them off, so be cautious of that.