Black Menu extension: all your Google services neatly packed and ready to go

Chrome fans have a tendency to use many of Google’s services, so having shortcuts to these can certainly make life easier. We have the popular Google bar with all the necessary links, but that is only present while going through Google’s websites. If you want truly persistent shortcuts to be at your disposal, Black Menu happens to be one of the best options available.

It is simple, to the point and very helpful. Plus, it has a very Google-esque look and feel, so it won’t look ugly or unnatural. The extension simply appears along with the others, and can be clicked to display a plethora of shortcuts to Google services. But these are not just shortcuts, the extension also offers access to features within the Google service you hover your mouse over.

For example, hovering over “search” will allow you to search from a flurry of options, like web, videos, images, etc. Similarly, you can access specific areas from the Play Store, or even use Google Maps straight from the Black Menu window. One can even watch YouTube videos from there.

There is one downside, though; the extension is not customizable. Some users use certain Google services more than others, and it would be great to be able to change which services show on top, or if you even want some of them to show up at all. There is a “More” tab at the bottom, which displays a whole list of Google services most people don’t use often. But I happen to use some of those more often than the ones in the main menu, so it would be great to be able to put them on top.

Regardless, it is a great tool, and it definitely deserves a try. So go over to the Chrome Web Store and download it to check it out! Happy Googling!