Bing Wallpaper for Google Homepage extension: We can now have the only thing we envy about Bing

Google is hands down the most popular and helpful search engine one can find online. There is one thing that seldom drives us to go to its main competitor, though. Bing features some of the best photography in the world, displaying a different image daily, right on its homepage. And thanks to the Power of Chrome extensions, we can now have this feature with Google.

The Bing Wallpaper for Google Homepage allows you to have the same beautiful images that Bing features daily. Not only that, but the settings can be modified to display other images, as well.

The Bing image of the day comes in low resolution, so it isn’t exactly the best option. But one can also set the extension to display Bing’s Dynamic Themes. These offer much better eye candy, with higher resolution images. One can also use images from Picasa using its featured image of the day, as well as the RSS Picasa link option. Here is how to do it:

After using it for some time, I have been very pleased with the extension’s performance. When the Google homepage is accessed, the “Google” letters turn white, and the image appears in the background. It really makes Google look much more beautiful.

Not everything is perfect, though. For one, the extension doesn’t seem to work when you manually type the URL in. This must be due to the fact that Chrome uses your cookies and history to display websites, though. The action comes to life if one simply refreshes Google afterwards, or if it accessed through a bookmark link. Basically, issues are only present when the URL is manually typed.

Also, high definition images can take a bit of time to load, and one can usually notice the changes as they are happening. Furthermore, some important writing tends to disappear, or blend in, depending on the image (email, About Google, Terms, etc.). These discrepancies make the Google Homepage experience a bit less fluid, as well as unnatural. But as they say: beauty comes with a price.

If you are a photography fan, or simply an admirer of beauty, you will definitely enjoy this extension. You can download it straight from the Chrome Web Store, so have at it.

Chrome Web Store: Bing Wallpaper for Google Homepage