What a great year! Chrome and all Chrome-related products have boomed! We have the all-new Chromecast, Chromebooks are more popular than ever, and Chrome improves as it becomes even harder to beat.

At Chromespot we work very hard to bring you all the Chrome news, tutorials and tips. It has been one of our best years, so we thought it would be good to show you some of our most popular articles of 2013. Here we go!

Are Chromebooks really virus-free?

Chromebooks are about the safest computers out there and it seems a lot of people are wondering about this! In this article I address Chrome OS’ security features and the very nature of the operating system.

In theory, Chroembooks are virus-free. But does that mean they are completely secure? Read on to learn more.

Chromecatch – turn your iPad into a Chromecast display


Chromecast was one of the most popular topics this year, but it seems a lot of users are trying to use the dongle’s features without having to buy one. Chromecatch is an iOS app that allows you to turn your iPad into a Chromecast display.

It’s a great solution for those who want to test how Chromecast works before purchasing the device. Or you could plug your iPad to your TV and screenshare your casts!

How to edit video with a Chromebook


One drawback that stops people from buying Chromebooks is that they are believed to be very limited. They may very well be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some solutions for power-intensive computer tasks.

Thanks to the web, Chromebooks can actually handle video editing. Click through the link below to see one way to make your own videos from a Chrome OS laptop.

How to keep Chroembook display awake


Chromebooks are simple and fast in most cases, but there are many tasks that are not exactly straight-forward. One must really look around to carry on simple tasks like keeping the display awake, for example.

Many of our readers found this article useful, so you might also want to give it a look.

Chromebook Pixel vs. Macbook Air (2013)


The Chromebook Pixel continues to be the best Chromebook ever made, but is it enough to take on the all-new Macbook Air? We made a comparison when the Apple laptop was announced and this article continues to be among the most popular.

So, which laptop would you pick?