Awesome New Tab Page extension: Re-design your new tabs with a Metro UI style

Google users tend to have a preference for the Search Giant’s “beautifully simple” designs. That does not mean that we can not add some spice to our experience, though. There are many ways to make the Chrome UI look good, and this extension is just one of them.

Awesome New Tab Page allows Chrome users to take advantage of a Metro-like UI (Windows Phone). It is simple and clean, but in a different way – A much more colorful way. And if you are a Windows Phone user, you will fit right in.

One can customize which apps and widgets are displayed in a new tab, as well as their order, color and size. It is also possible to add bookmarks and edit their colors and icon to better suit your preferences. Customizing the look of your new “awesome” tab is as easy as it sounds. It is done by clicking and dragging, as well as using the side bar.

It really does feel much like Metro UI in that sense. But for a change, this extension does include the use of widgets. These can be downloaded separately from the Chrome Web Store. Gmail, YouTube Search, Google Calendar and Reddit widgets are only the beginning of the list. All it takes is a simple search for “ANTP” and you will be presented with a long list of options.

The only issue I found is that there is no way to access some of the Google Chrome features. For example, I constantly access my other devices’ opened Chrome tabs. These Sync across devices; picture chrome to phone, but including all computers, phones and tablets that use a Chrome browser. This extension has no way of accessing my other devices’ open websites. That alone is a deal-breaker for me.

Many of you may not use or need said feature, though. In which case, there is no reason why you shouldn’t color your life with this extension. Check it out at the Chrome Web Store and let us know how you like it!

Chrome Web Store: Awesome New Tab Page