Aura now available in Chromium for Linux


If you are using Linux, chances are you are not scared to try Chromium. Google’s ultra beta browser gets you the latest features before they arrive to any of the other Chrome versions, and now you can also experience the Aura UI.

What is Aura

Aura is not a very common word to hear, but it is a very important step into the browser of the future. Browsers haven’t evolved too much and Aura is Google’s way to push for an evolution. If you have used a Chromebook, you will easily recognize the Aura UI, which makes Chrome a much sleeker browser, as well as offering GPU acceleration.

We explain the Aura UI in more detail in a previous post, which you can read here.


How do I get Chromium for Linux?

First and foremost, we must remind you that Chromium is not as stable as the public Chrome version. It can be very buggy and have issues. It should only be used for testing purposes, really. If you are ok with that, you can go ahead and download Chromium from

Wrap Up

Aura is available for Linux Chromium as of revision 245737. If you don’t mind waiting, though, Google plans to ship Linux Aura by M35. You could also get it as soon as M34 if all goes smoothly.

[François Beaufort]