AllCast updated with cover art support, new screens and more


Chromecast users have fallen in love with AllCast. It supports many formats, web services, devices and platforms. Not to mention, it was one of the first Chromecast apps to stream local files. It’s a very important app for the Chromecast community and the latest update just made it a bit better.

Though most of the improvements are small, they are many and quite important. I always say it’s the small improvements and fixes that really make a better experience. It’s better to have current features working perfectly before we try to stick more in, right?

What’s new?

Koushik Dutta added a good amount of new features and improvements, but the most important are these:

  • New Now Playing screen (see screenshot)
  • Cover Art for music and videos
  • Lock Screen controls

As you can see in the image above, the new UI improvements make the app look very nice. Other improvements are smaller and won’t be as noticeable. Here they are:

  • Skip to next/previous track
  • Volume Control of Chromecast works with phone volume buttons
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Fix up DLNA device discoverability
  • Better playlist management
  • Better playback controls after exiting/resuming the app
  • Relax the “trial” notices if not using premium

Of course, you can go ahead and download the app straight from the Google Play Store. It’s one of the top Chromecast apps out there, so it’s worth at least a try.

Having full access to the app will cost $4.99, but you can check out the trial for free.