AllCast supports Chromecast again! Casting local content is a breeze

AllCast has been the perfect tool for streaming local content to your Chromecast, except it didn’t support Chromecast for a while. Confusing, right? It’s a bit of a complicated story. Google was blocking third-party Chromecast support, but now that the SDK has been released AllCast is back int he game!

Koushik Dutta didn’t hesitate to update the application with Chromecast support, which he claims is still in beta. You can expect to run into a few issues, but at least you can now cast your local content to the large TV.

It seems Google also made it very easy to add Chromecast support to apps. Koushik Dutta states he only spent about 20 minutes adding support to Google’s HDMI dongle. The update is now ready to roll and you can get it straight from the Google Play Store! Enjoy!

[Koushik Dutta]