Add to Drive buttons can now be added to websites


We work in the cloud, but many times even websites are not optimized to work completely online. Google is creating a stepping stone into the online era by offering products like Google Drive, but what can we do to further improve the experience? Google has released a new feature websites can take advantage of. A Save to Google Drive button can now be added to websites, allowing users to quickly send files to their cloud drives.

This will not only be convenient for Chrome users, but Chromebook owners will be especially happy. Chrome OS laptops have very limited space, making Google Drive the main form of storage. We were already able to right-click and send files to Google Drive, but saving an extra 2 steps makes a huge difference in user experience. Why only optimize Chrome for cloud computing when you can make the web a… web of information.

The Add to Google Drive button can be applied to any website by adding a couple extra lines of HTML code. You can see all the details at Google’s announcement post, but for now lets wait a big until websites start taking advantage of this new feature!