Accidentally Close Your Tabs/Windows In Chrome? Get Them Back!

It’s true in many cases that the best way to fix a problem is by preventing it in the first place. We’ll share the easy “fix” afterwards, but first let’s share a little tip on how you can prevent from accidentally closing an entire window in Chrome accidentally.

Simply install the Chrome Toolbox Extension and from the options make sure you’ve got “Confirm before closing multiple tabs” checked off. Next time you click the deadly “X” to close the browser window, it will pop up a dialogue box making sure that’s exactly what you want to do.

That’s a nice safeguard but what if you close a tab, multiple tabs, or browser windows accidentally and want those tabs back NOW? Well, simply hold down Ctrl and Shift and press F5 and it’ll open your previous browser tab. As long as you have 2 browser windows open, if you close one window accidentally, pressing CTRL/SHIFT + F5 will pop up the entire previous browser that just closed.

Hopefully we just saved you a bunch of time and frustration, both now and in the future!