A Button For Sending An URL/Link via E-Mail in Chrome

I’m the type of person who subscribes to a billion RSS feeds so I’ve got LOTS of interesting links, but if I want to share them I have to pop open a new tab, load by E-Mail client of choice, and press compose a message. I know, I know… I’m a lazy you-know-what, but wouldn’t it be easier if  every page had a little inconspicuous “E-Mail This” button so you could click it and all that would happen automagically?

That’s exactly what you can do with this handy little tutorial, or if you use GMail (highly recommended), there’s an even easier solution just for you: download the Send From GMail Extension created by Google themselves and you’ll be sharing links via E-Mail in no time. Or less time. Or a couple, less, uh, seconds.