8 Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts You’ll Love

I hate things that are tedious so whenever a neat little trick pops up that makes mundane tasks much quicker, I smile on the inside. That’s exactly what I’m hoping you’ll do after internalizing these 10 little secrets that may make your Chrome browsing experience a little quicker and more seamless.

  2. to open in a new tab

  3. CTRL+9 to switch to the last tab on your window
  4. CTRL+SHIFT+B will toggle the bookmarks bar on and off
  5. CTRL+SHIFT+T will reopen the last tab you closed (you can do this up to 10 times consecutively)
  6. ALT+F/ALT+E opens up the Chrome Settings menu
  7. SHIFT+ESC opens up the Chrome task manager to monitor usage of each tab
  8. ALT and CLICK A LINK to download the target to your computer
  9. CTRL+SHIFT+D saves all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folder

Of course there are tons of others, but these are some of my favorites. Feel free to share your favorites below or on our Chrome Forum!