Using the 500px Chrome app with a touchscreen chromebook [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.45.30 PM

The Chromebook Pixel is not just an over-priced Chromebook. The Chromebook Pixel is here to lead the platform into the future of Chrome OS. With quality hardware and the inclusion of a touchscreen, Chromebooks will become powerful machines with powerful, touch-optimized applications. 500px is one of the very first touch-optimized Chrome apps, so now that we have the Pixel in our office (check out our unboxing), we thought we should give you a quick view at how the app works when it can be controlled with our crazy little fingers.

500px is built to be used with a touchscreen. This became very obvious when we first checked it out. Larger tabs and thumbs, with tablet-like interfaces pretty much gave it all away. Of course a web app like 500px would be one of the pioneers in this department. The Pixel happens to have one of the most amazing screens in the market, featuring a 2560x1700p resolution.

Images from the Photography-centric networks simply look stunning in this display. Sadly, you can’t really see this in the video. You will simply have to experience this display first-hand to see the caliber of this display’s beauty.

We are hoping more developers follow through with touch-optimized Chrome apps. The future is looking very bright for Chrome OS, so you can be sure we will be showing you more of these apps in the near future. You can check out 500 px if you want to get a feel of the app. It is available straight from the Chrome Web Store, so have at it!