Get to know the closest stars with Google’s latest experiment – 100,000 Stars

There is a countless amount of stars in our galaxy, but technology only allows us to learn about the closest ones (and “close” is a relative term). It can be a bit hard to learn about their positions and nature, though, this is why this Google Chrome experiment is so exciting. 100,000 Stars lets you navigate through many of our neighboring stars, giving you a bit of information about each one.

It is created with data puled from NASA and the European Space Agency. You can zoom in and out on your stars of choice, so have fun! Isn’t it crazy how the web gives all of us access to such information? Now we can interactively learn everything there is to know about nearby stars. I am definitely having a blast (more like a Big Bang) playing around with it.

Check it out at the Chrome Experiments site. Zoom out all the way and you will feel like you are the smallest thing that ever existed. Seriously, the Milky Way is gigantic compared to our diminutive solar system.

[Google Chrome Blog]