ZombiU developer walkthrough

Ubisoft’s ZombiU is looking better each day. The newest video, called “In the Eye of ZombiU” showcases some gameplay and more importantly, ZombiU senior producer Guillaume Brunier gets a chance to explain some of the aspects of the game. We get to shed some light on the game story: it’s set in present day in London, where a virus has contaminated the city, and we find out that ZombiU is a zombie game where realism is the main focus. Another interesting aspect of the game is that when you die, you’ll never play as that character again. Instead, you’ll only see that character as a zombie next time you go through that area with a new character. You job then with the new character is to reclaim your backpack and items, but in order to do so, you have to kill your previous character. Who is now a zombie, of course.

The video mentions that this is “Episode 1”, so it’s likely that we’ll get a full series of ZombiU developer walkthroughs over the next few weeks. Check out the video below.

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