Googler releases ZIP Extractor for Chrome


We have seen other ZIP/RAR extractors in the past, but we always turn our heads when we see an app from a Google employee hit the streets. Googler Mike Procopio has just release ZIP Extractor, a decompresser app for Chrome users that will work like a charm.

So what is it that makes ZIP Extractor special?

One thing that makes ZIP Extractor pretty cool is that it works with Google Drive. This will be a killer feature if you are into cloud computing. In essence, this is pretty much a Drive app. You can extract ZIP files directly to Google Drive and share them with anyone.

As expected from any decompresser worth our time, this app also allows you to choose which files, exactly, you want to extract. And if you get a lot of ZIP files via email, it will be convenient to ZIP Extractor listed under the “Open With” menu under on Gmail attachments.

It’s simple and it works! Many of us Chromebook users are looking for a clean and simple solution for extracting ZIP files, this might just be it. You can get it at the Chrome Web Store and give it a try!

[Mike Procopio]