Zelda: Breath of the Wild speed record has been broken

A couple of days ago we reported how someone had completed Zelda: Breath of the Wild in just over an hour. Well, that record has already been broken by another player, who managed to beat the game in under an hour.

Speedrunner “Gymnast86” completed the game in just 58 minutes and one second, a solid 7 minutes faster than the previous record.

One neat little trick that’s used is called “whistle sprinting”, which makes it possible to sprint longer. By repeatedly pressing the B button while holding down the D-Pad, players can sprint while recovering stamina.

However, this record is not without controversy. Several gamers have objected to its use of Epona, Link’s trusted horse. Usually players get Epona later in the game, but by using the Smash Bros Link amiibo, players can get the horse much sooner.

Others have said (via Reddit) that the horse “probably saves something like 30 seconds” off the overall speedrun, which isn’t that much.

Check out the complete speedrun below: