YouTube to demonstrate new 4K video format at CES


4K video hasn’t caught up just yet, but it’s said to be the next step in high definition TV. There are some drawbacks, though – how many of us have internet reliable enough to stream 3840x2160p video? That is 4 the definition of 1080p full HD! Google has a solution and they are showcasing it at CES next week.

Google’s new VP9 video format compresses video and is able to display it at up to 4K definition, while using only half the bandwidth as current HD streams. VP9 comes to replace H.265, but as a new format it needs support from manufacturers to succeed.

Another advantage of VP9 is that it is royalty-free, while H.265 will cost a pretty penny!

It’s still an early stage for 4K video and YouTube is HUGE. Google still has a chance at convincing manufacturers to use the new format and success is already on its way. The Search Giant has partnered with LG, Panasonic, Sony, ARM, Broadcom, Marvell and others. That’s a legit list to start with, if you ask us!


Chromebook Pixel support?

The Chromebook Pixel has arguably the best display on any laptop. It doesn’t have 4K definition, but it will make 4K look great with a 2560×1700 display. I have seen YouTube 4K video on my Chromebook Pixel, but even with my reliable internet connection it can struggle a little bit.

And don’t even think about trying it at most public WiFi hotspots – it’s just not happening. VP9 should help bring 4K streaming to the masses, but it will take some time for Google to convert all 4K YouTube videos to 4K.


Will Chromecast support 4K streaming?

chromecastWe are not sure how Google will bring 4K to Chromecast. Will they? Maybe they will need to make a hardware upgrade before this can happen. Maybe the Chromecast can actually handle 4K streaming but the feature just has to be unlocked by Google.

We are not sure, but right now Chromecast locks at 1080p. It will be interesting to see how Google handles the transition into the future of high definition videos.

Let’s check it out at CES!

We will be at CES getting you all the content we can! Stay tuned because we have a lot to show you. TV manufacturers will be showcasing YouTube 4K streaming, so we shall see if VP9 makes the cut.

If you want to learn more about VP9, you can go ahead and check out the Google IO session embedded below.

[via Venture Beat]