YouTube launches paid channel subscriptions

We know many of you are not quite ready to pay for YouTube content, but we must accept the video streaming service has replaced TV in many ways. Why not give content providers a simple way to offer their premium content? The idea has been rumored and discussed for a while, but today Google has decided to pull the trigger and release paid channel subscriptions.


The project has launched with a few partners, but be sure that the list will be growing very soon. Subscription fees start at $0.99, so it won’t necessarily break the bank either. You also get a 14-day trial period before your card gets charged. You can cancel before the trial period and avoid the charge if you are not satisfied.

We have been using it for a bit and it works fine. The only issue we ran across was when trying to play the videos on Google TV. The ASUS CUBE doesn’t seem to “support the video format” while all other channels work perfectly. We are sure Google will be working on a fix for this, though.

Look through YouTube’s paid channel list and see if you like any of them. What do you guys say? Are you ready to pay for YouTube content?