YouTube implementing new Google+ commenting system


This news may not be directly related to the Chrome browser, but it is about a service (or two) pretty much all of us use on a daily basis. We are fans of all things Google here, and we simply could not turn our backs on this one. YouTube is about to make a huge change to its commenting system by merging it with Google+ comments.

The new Google+ comments system will allow YouTube to make video comments much more enjoyable. Because users will have to use their Google+ accounts, there will be much less spam and bogus comments out there. And if there are, they will be pushed to the bottom.

How so? Google+ comments will use a rating system that includes multiple factors. Important comments will be boosted and pushed up while non-relevant ones will be pushed down. For example, friends on your Google+ circles will get priority, as well as the video publisher.


Your YouTube ranking will also be considered, which will be determined by your overall YouTube activity. You better make sure you don’t get a lot of down-votes from now on, because they will affect your YouTube presence!

We have seen this system applied to another Google service before. Blogger got Google+ comments last April, and I have to say I have been enjoying it. I love that Google+ comments regarding your posts are displayed in Blogger. Likewise, YouTube will display Google+ comments regarding your video.

Of course, users will be able to change settings (at least at first). You can switch back to the recency-based system if you wish, or only see comments from your Google+ circles. You will be able to play around!

In addition, Google is giving video publishers a nice set of options for keeping the comments section kosher. Channel owners will be able to whitelist certain Google+ circles, while blacklisting certain words will also be an option.

We can see how this commenting system can improve the overall experience. It will put what is most important front and center. Is it what everyone wants, though? Most times quality is much better than quantity, but some users like to see their videos’ comment numbers going higher. There may not be much help in trolling comments, but there may be other instances.

What about new YouTube users with great comments and questions? Their input will most likely be overlooked. At the same time, people could up-vote them and push the comment higher. What do you guys think? Will this make or break our beloved YouTube comments?

The update will be pushed out this week, so be ready for a big change!