You can pre-order the Inkling amiibo from Walmart


Amiibo have been notoriously difficult to find in the few weeks before and after launch, so many consumers have turned to pre-orders to try and insure they have an amiibo available at launch. That hasn’t always gone swimmingly, as we’ve seen problems from both Amazon and Toys R Us when it comes to pre-orders. It’s gotten so bad that EB Games in Canada is not accepting pre-orders for any of the new amiibo that are launching in the coming months.

Despite all this, Walmart is the US is accepting pre-orders for the two Inkling amiibo, as well as the 3-pack that was announced during the last Nintendo Direct. The three-pack includes the boy and girl amiibo, as well as a green squid amiibo that resembles the Inklings while they’re transformed. They’re up for the typical price, but there’s no telling how long pre-orders for these figures will last, given that it’s a new IP.