Yoshi’s New Island Hitting 3DS Spring 2014

Nintendo have confirmed the title and the launch window for Yoshi’s new 3DS Adventure in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

The new game which will launch in spring 2014, will now go by the moniker Yoshi’s New Island. This name follows the naming pattern Nintendo have taken with it’s New Super Mario Bros series by adding ‘New’ in the title opposed to numbers or titles based on the system the game is released on, such as the previously released Yoshi’s Island Advance and Yoshi’s Island DS.

The game features graphics that blend the art styles of the Nintendo 64’s Yoshi’s Story with previous Yoshi’s Island games and retains many classic gameplay mechanics such as eating bad guys and turning them into eggs which can then be thrown to kill more bad guys and solves puzzles. A highlight of the new trailer showed Yoshi devour a massive Shy Guy and produce an equally massive egg as a result.

It seems as though Nintendo may be heading into the Era of Yoshi now that The year of Luigi is coming to a close. Along with Yoshi’s New Island, there was the surprise release of the Yoshi themed DLC for Sonic Lost World following yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, and next year should also see the release of Yarn Yoshi on Wii U as well as chances to play as the green dinosaur in Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.