New Japanese Xenoblade X presentation on March 6 will showcase battles


Nintendo of Japan have announced a new Xenoblade Chronicles X stream on March 6, dedicated to showcasing how the battle mechanics for the upcoming game will work. The last livestream from Japan showcased the world size and gave us more information on how healing works in the game, since there is no dedicated healing class.

While the presentation will be shown on Japanese website NicoNico, a YouTube stream will also be made available here. You’ll be able to watch the stream when it goes live in Japan at the following times across the rest of the world:

  • North America (West Coast): 5AM
  • North America (East Coast) : 8AM
  • UK (BST): 1pm
  • Europe (CET): 2PM
  • Japan: 10PM

Currently there is still no release date for the Western version of Xenoblade Chronicles X, but we’re looking forward to finally seeing these presentations in English when that date gets closer.