Xenoblade Chronicles X English translation is “well underway”


One of the many concerns with porting games from Japan to the West is accurate translation of not just the language, but concepts that language conveys, like humor and puns. To Nintendo’s credit, they’ve always done a good job with their localizations of various games, but good localizations don’t grow on trees. They take time and dedication and it’s often been the source of delays.

Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Xenoblade Chronicles X. As the development team begins to open up more about what they’re working on via Twitter, we’ve gotten a glimpse into everything that goes into creating a game and then porting it from one culture to another. Recent tweets from the developers have been translated and it’s been revealed that the English translation of the game is already well underway.

It’s already been five years since we released Xenoblade. I know we’ve kept you waiting for quite some time but, to be honest, it’s felt like a pretty long time for us developers, too. The localization is making great progress, and I can proudly say that this game will be well worth the wait. The release is right around the corner, so get ready!

While no release date was given for the game during the Nintendo Direct last week, Nintendo’s presentation of the game was superb and we’re happy to see the developers being more open about the processes that go into creating a game and then translating it for the rest of the world to enjoy.