Composer of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 says game’s music makes him cry

While fans of the Xenoblade Chronicles series are eagerly awaiting news of the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, here’s an interesting tidbit of information that might keep you sated. The information comes from Attack of the Fanboy, who translated some of composter Yasunori Mitsuda’s tweets about working on the game’s soundtrack.

He’s working remotely with the Bratislava Symphony Choir, tweeting that sessions often go until 5AM in the morning. Overall, Mitsuda says he’s pleased with the choir’s performance, but it’s the Irish choral ensemble Anúna that has really moistened the composer’s eyes. Mitsuda says in one tweet that the songs provided by them has actually caused him to tear up.

The music in the Xenoblade Chronicles series is always one of the high points of playing those games and it sounds like the soundtrack for this one will live up to its predecessors. Are you looking forward to playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when it debuts?

[via Attack of the Fanboy]

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