Would you buy a Chromebook Pixel if it was half its price?


The Chromebook Pixel is the best Chrome OS device to date, and arguably among the best laptop computers in the market. It’s high price is the only thing keeping it from becoming an uber popular machine. But really, it’s not so much its price that holds it down.

The real problem here is Chrome OS. For $1,300-$1,450, one can buy one hell of a Windows/Mac laptop. Chrome OS may be getting better at offline productivity and web apps, but it’s still not able to replace a full desktop OS for most of us.


In fact, many users would be willing to pay for the Chromebook Pixel’s specs (especially its screen) if it didn’t have Chrome OS. There are many computers out there with about the same price-point being sold.

So we are left wondering, how much is a Chrome OS laptop really worth? If the Chromebook Pixel was worth even half its price ($650-$725), would it be worth its price?

chromebook-pixel-6I ran across a Reddit post by user okfnjesse. Apparently he can purchase a Chromebook Pixel for $700 and is wondering if he should get it or not.

Now, why isn’t he straight up jumping on an almost 50% off deal? Us Chrome fans would jump on that opportunity in a heart beat, but would most other users do the same?

Even at that price point, users could get a pretty good Windows laptop. Yes, the Pixel is built amazingly well, features an amazing screen and has great specs. Honestly, though, would you still think $700 is too expensive for a Chromebook?

The standard price for a cool Chromebook has become $200-$300. At this point, I don’t think most users (even those who like Chrome OS) would consider getting a Pixel if it costed $700. I know I would – would you?