Have A Yummy Day: World Foodie Day is January 22nd

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Do you love eating food? Awesome. Are you good at cooking food? It doesn’t matter! Food brings us together: let’s unite the world one bite at a time.

World Foodie Day is January 22nd each year, named after Sir Francis Bacon, who was born that day in 1561.

A philosopher and statesmen credited with developing the Scientific Method, Bacon’s birth marks this date not for his many achievements during the Scientific Revolution, but for the fact that Foodies see the world through a lens smeared by whatever they last stuffed in their face. And who doesn’t love Bacon?

How to Celebrate World Foodie Day

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From ballpark hot dogs and snack bar pizzas to five star restaurants and expensive caviar- there are no rules to being a foodie. Nor are there rules to celebrating World Foodie Day.

The 3 basic ingredients to #HaveAYummyDay on #WorldFoodieDay are eating food, sharing food, and trying something new:

  1. Prepare or procure a homemade snack that’s personal to your family, nationality, ethnicity, or appetite.
  2. Share with friends (including the hashtags #HaveAYummyDay #WorldFoodieDay online)
  3. Try someone else’s recipe, let them know if you like it, and share it with your friends if you love it!

Most Iconic Food in Each State

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Being a Foodie is all about embracing the delicious unknown. Consider this a conversation starter of cliches: do you agree with your state’s “favorite” food?

  • Alabama: Shrimp & Grits
  • Alaska: Salmon
  • Arizona: Sonoran Hot Dogs
  • Arkansas: Queso
  • California: Avocado
  • Colorado: Breakfast Burrito
  • Connecticut: New Haven Pizza
  • Delaware: Scrapple
  • Florida: Cuban Sandwiches
  • Georgia: Peach cobbler
  • Hawaii: Poke
  • Idaho: French Fries
  • Illinois: Deep-dish pizza
  • Indiana: Pork tenderloin sandwiches
  • Iowa: Corn on the cob
  • Kansas: Bread
  • Kentucky: Fried Chicken
  • Louisiana: Gumbo
  • Maine: Lobster Roll
  • Maryland: Crabcakes
  • Massachusetts: Clam Chowder
  • Michigan: Coney dogs
  • Minnesota: Jucy Lucy
  • Mississippi: Catfish
  • Missouri: Toasted ravioli
  • Montana: Rocky Mountain Oysters
  • Nebraska: Runza
  • Nevada: All You Can Eat Buffet
  • New Hampshire: Cider Donuts
  • New Jersey: Salt Water Taffy
  • New Mexico: Green chile
  • New York: Bagels
  • North Carolina: Pulled pork BBQ
  • North Dakota: Bison Burgers
  • Ohio: Skyline chilli
  • Oklahoma: Fried okra
  • Oregon: Voodoo donuts
  • Pennsylvania: Cheesesteaks
  • Rhode Island: Clam Cakes
  • South Carolina: Chicken bog
  • South Dakota: Chislic
  • Tennessee: Hot Chicken
  • Texas: Barbecue
  • Utah: Funeral Potatoes
  • Vermont: Maple Syrup
  • Virginia: Ham
  • Washington: Specialty Coffee Drinks
  • West Virginia: Pepperoni Roll
  • Wisconsin: Cheese
  • Wyoming: Soda bread
  • Washington DC: Half Smokes

Support Small Business

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Today more than ever, World Foodie Day should be about procuring delicious food from your local favorites and sharing that love with friends and family nearby and around the world.

Let’s support the delicious-whipper-uppers. The food doctors who diagnose our hangry and prescribe the perfect noms to satisfy our appetite and quench our thirst.

This is just a friendly reminder: if there is a local business whose food you love, celebrate by ordering directly from them, enjoying their food, and suggesting them to your friends!

Around The World

We listed the most popular food in each of the United States… but what about around the entire world? How much do you know about the most popular foods in other countries?