World domination for Chrome?

ABI Research reports that operating systems like Android and Chrome OS (meaning ofcourse the Linux kernel as well) will be dominant on non smart phones in 2015. If this will happen it is quite significant for Linux and for Chrome and Chrome OS. Devices like smart phones, but also netbooks, *Pads (non-Apple iPad pads which are coming out in big numbers this year) and others will run primarily on these ’embedded’ operating systems.

As we know, Google will play a big part in this, because it’s Android OS is already getting huge market share and is growing faster than it’s competitors. It is obvious that users will run some form of the Chrome browser on those operating systems which means even more mindshare for Google. That ofcourse next to the enormous uptake of the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac OS X (I cannot imagine using anything else myself anymore).

Chrome OS is not taking off yet, but Android is and that promises a lot for the future. Google will have it’s tentacles into hardware companies and will use that power to push both OSs into the market. Interesting times ahead!