18 Work From Home Tips for Work From Home Day

The “Work From Home” crowd grew exponentially in the year 2020, when a global pandemic shuttered businesses and forced the world to adjust. Now that bosses worldwide have grown accustomed to employees working from home, and understand it’s not a productivity-killing harbinger, we can all celebrate.

Work From Home Day is on January 3rd and celebrates our ability to accomplish the most difficult of work-related tasks with the shortest commute humanly possible. When January 3rd falls on a weekend, Work From Home Day is celebrated on the next Monday.

To help you Work From Home in style and productivity, here are a few tips to getting the most out of your time.

Work From Home Tips

  1. Start your day with a routine
  2. Dress for success
  3. Set a schedule and stick to it
  4. Create private, dedicated work space
  5. Prevent distractions (ex: white noise machine)
  6. Invest in ergonomics
  7. Get the right technology & software
  8. Have a to do list and calendar system
  9. Stay off social media
  10. Schedule breaks and stick to them
  11. Don’t snack on junk- eat healthy meals
  12. Set expectations and monitor them
  13. Leave the house for fresh air
  14. Create dedicated video space or studio
  15. Meet in Person regularly (both audio & video!)
  16. Develop a document-sharing strategy
  17. Make time for socializing
  18. End your day with a routine

We’ll be updating this page with more information from the comfort of our home- be sure to check back soon!