10 Wordle Alternatives to Play (More Than One Game!)

It’s safe to say that Wordle has become a word puzzle sensation, launching in October 2021 and selling to The New York Times for $10M+ USD in January 2022.

Although it may seem that Wordle’s ascension came out of nowhere, that doesn’t appear to be completely true: Viewers of the 1988 American TV Game Show LINGO will recall a very similar concept.

In the spirit of spinoffs, here are 10 Wordle Alternatives that you can play… when “once a day” just isn’t enough:

  1. Bardle – Shakespearean vocabulary Wordle
  2. Crosswordle – Wordle with intersecting words
  3. Globle – map-based game Wordle
  4. Hello Wordl – longer words (up to 11-letters)
  5. Lewdle – NSFW Wordle
  6. Quordle – 4 word at once (9 guesses)
  7. Squabble – play Wordle against other people!
  8. Word Master – Wordle with unlimited plays
  9. Worldl – Wordle geography game
  10. Wordle Unlimited – unlimited Wordle

Which of these games like Wordle is your favorite?

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