Is PlatinumGames teasing The Wonderful 101 on Switch?

Oh boy, whoever’s running the social media account for PlatinumGames must be having a ball this week. They started off the week by teasing Bayonetta 1 & 2 on the Nintendo Switch, now it looks like they’re teasing The Wonderful 101.

The latest tweet from the action-game developer shows Wonder Green, Wonder Black, and what appears to be Hideki Kamiya in a leather jacket (how fitting) playing some game on a TV with Famicom-style Switch Joy-Cons. Given the nature of the tease, we can only guess the blurred out game is either The Wonderful 101 with a new, multiplayer feature, or a follow-up title.

Whatever they’re teasing, I’m getting impatient. I need The Wonderful 101 on my Switch, today preferably. Please!

[via Twitter]