Wonder Boy devs investigating possibility of physical release

Lizardcube’s wonderful remake of Wonder Boy 3 is now available on the Nintendo Switch and several other platforms, but the title is a digital-only release right now. With some indie games like BoI: Afterbirth+ and Axiom Verge slated to receive physical releases, what about this classic remake?

The developers have addressed fans that are asking for a physical version of the game on their official blog, stating:

We are investigating the possibility of doing a physical release later, however if it happens it probably wouldn’t be for all platforms/regions and may be in limited quantities. We are looking into it; please bear we us that physical goods may not be at our reach and few studios at this point know how to manufacture them e.g. Switch games. So it may or may not happen.

So it’s absolutely no confirmation that the game will get a physical release, but this seems like one of those situations where if you want the physical version of the game it would be wise to let the publisher, DotEmu know. They’re the ones who control the distribution of the game, so it would be up to them to work on getting the game on a physical Switch cartidge. Until then, you can enjoy Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap digitally.

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