Wind Waker HD for Wii U features a higher difficulty setting

Wind Waker HD Wii U
Nintendo will launch Wind Waker HD this Fall on the Wii U, bringing back one of the finest Zelda games in full HD. And as we reported yesterday, Wind Waker HD on Wii U will retail for $50.

Now we got some more news about the game. According to the product listing at Amazon (and other retailers), Wind Waker HD remake on the Wii U will feature a higher difficulty setting. The listing basically says “take on a more challenging difficulty level”.

Not only that, the listing also confirms the new “Tingle Bottle” feature, which connects Wii U players via Miivere.

Nintendo’s previous remakes of Zelda, such as Ocarina of Time Master Quest, featured some reworked dungeons and new challenges. In fact, Master Quest was released as part of a bundle with the original Wind Waker on the GameCube in 2002.

We’re glad that Nintendo isn’t just doing a graphics remake, but that they’re adding some new features and tweaks. Hopefully, the new higher difficulty level doesn’t mean there will be more sailing. If there’s one thing that really got tiresome in the original Wind Waker, is sailing that silly red boat for long periods of time.

Did you play the original Wind Waker? If so, will you start the Wii U version on the higher difficulty setting?