Rebooting my pc used to make me so steaming mad that in the end, for the sake of my sanity, I bought a Mac. Much faster, but it came with its own little drawbacks, such as that most of the apps I was used to simply don´t work on Mac. Now Google OS is promising us even faster rebooting times. So can I please switch back to PC?

PC´s don´t break, they don´t have little fiddly stuff that only works with other fiddly Apples. Yes, Apples are pretty. And it´s crazy that in all these years apparently nobody can make anything looking remotely as cool as an Air Mac or a Macbook. PC are not something to get excited about, so nobody goes into a huff when an Apple lover disses his pc. We all know Mac equals cool, and pc equals family sedan.

I read a brilliant comment by one Yank Michel on the Evolving Excellence blog. This blogger was also wondering why everyone is so deeply in love with Apple that they can´t see that Apple is not some innocent little club of treehuggers, it´s a giant corporation, trying to make as much profit from selling you overpriced crap as they can!

“Windows based PCs deliver the best price/performance ratio compared to MACs (just as Toyota does in comparison with Ferrari but a MAC is not a Ferrari as they would like to believe, more like Acura–slightly faster than average).”

Amen brother! So now that OS is promising us this superfast rebooting time (no actual digits were mentioned, but I´m guessing seconds), will more and more people see Apple for what they are? Slightly above average stuff that costs an arm and a leg simply because it looks cool?