WiiWare and Virtual Console games can be transferred to Wii U

Wii U gamepad
Good news for Wii owners: you will be able to transfer your old WiiWare games, Virtual Console games, and even game saves from the old Wii console to the new Wii U. Nintendo EAD manager Katsuya Eguchi confirmed to fans at E3 that they are in the process of creating a system that will make it possible for players to transfer their old content to the Wii U Virtual Console, and to the Wii U Ware as well. Since the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with the old Wii, the ability to transfer save games will be important for those looking to play their old Wii titles on the new console. They’ll be able to do that as well, Eguchi confirmed. It’s unknown how this will work in practice, whether the content will be available only to a single user profile on the Wii U, or the console as a whole. We’ll have to wait and see.