[UPDATE] WiiUDaily Giveaway: Win some Club Nintendo Rewards [CLOSED]


I hope you’ve all been listening to the GameFans Podcast featuring our dear WiiUDaily editor Ashley King, as well as myself from PS4Daily and Mark Hearn from XboxOneDaily. One thing we have in common with each other is our love for Nintendo. Now it’s time for me to share that love for Nintendo with you, our beloved readers.

The first video game I ever played was actually Frogger on the Apple II. But I can clearly remember playing the Nintendo Entertainment System for the first time in the late 80’s. I’d come home after school and instead of unzipping my backpack and knocking out my homework, I’d pop in the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge and play until my mom came home. Busted!

Fortunately for me, when my mom would take her anger out on my NES by booting it across my room, it still played just fine. Sure, the door snapped off, but it just got in the way of my games anyway. When you guys talk about Nintendo everyday with your Wii U woes or 3DS tales, I can’t help but recall my childhood growing up with NES and SNES and literally playing the early evolution of games.

When Nintendo finally brought Club Nintendo to North America around this time in 2008, I couldn’t wait to be one of the first members. It is about to turn 5 years old in North America, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than giving away my cherished Club Nintendo rewards to a new generation of Nintendo gamer.

The first of my collection up for grabs is the “Super Mario Characters Figure” featuring seven iconic Mario characters huddled near a warp pipe. If you’re interested in placing this Club Nintendo Elite reward on your mantle, please read the next section carefully, and good luck!

If you live in North America and would like to enter for a chance to win one of my most prized Club Nintendo Elite rewards, please complete the follow steps:

  1. Follow @WiiUDaily on Twitter
  2. Tweet the following: I entered to win in the @WiiUDaily Club Nintendo Elite Reward Giveaway #NicksStuff http://wp.me/p3tYEA-5xS
  3. Leave a comment below confirming your Twitter name and tell us what your all-time absolute favorite Nintendo character is

UPDATE: Please complete your Twitter or podcast/email entry by Saturday, October 5th at 12pm PDT. Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via Twitter or email on Saturday evening after the next GameFans Podcast. I will need a valid mailing address (obviously). If you’re under 18 years of age, please get your parents permission.

Do those three things and you’ve got 1 entry, but wait…there’s more! Want to get another entry to win? Double your chances by listening to next week’s GameFans Podcast episode #17. We’ll have a question for all the Nintendo fans out there to answer. Send your answers to podcast[at]gamefans[dot]com, hopefully along with a swell comment or question for our show, and you’ll nab yourself a second entry.

If you don’t have Twitter, the podcast entry is still there for the taking. Please note that this giveaway is for residence of the US and Canada only.

[UPDATE] – A winner has been chosen and that winner is… going to be announced on the next GameFans Podcast! Doh! I changed it because this is a big deal to me and I want to make a big deal of it. I plan to mail the statue out before the end of the week.