Wii U system update 5.3.1 U resolves Mario Kart TV issue


If you’ve been having a blast playing Mario Kart 8 and trying to use the Mario Kart TV part of the game to share your favorite clips you YouTube, you may have encountered an error in which Mario Kart TV refuses to upload the video to YouTube at all. This has led to some frustrating problems for gamers who like to share their best moments, but Nintendo is addressing that in the latest firmware update for the Wii U.

Alongside the usual, “stability and performance enhancement” generic patch notes for firmware update 5.3.1 U is this small line:

Resolved an issue that resulted in some users receiving error code 104-1852 while uploading a Mario Kart 8 highlight reel to YouTube

It’s nice to see Nintendo address this problem for Mario Kart 8 players, but we’ve already got a similar situation brewing with Super Smash Bros. Many players are reporting that they’re totally unable to play the game thanks to a few specific error codes. Perhaps the next Nintendo firmware update will address this issue.