Wii U already sold out at several retailers

Wii U pre-orders started as soon as Nintendo revealed the price of the console. Major retailers across the US, including GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Toys ‘R Us started taking pre-orders on the new console. Nintendo allocated a certain amount of each SKU to each retailer. According to sources, some have already sold out of the Deluxe set, which retails at $349.

Yesterday, Nintendo reported that Wii U pre-orders were “extremely strong”, and now we know that they weren’t kidding — the console has sold out at most retailers and online.

GameStop has reportedly run out of the Deluxe model and now only offers the Basic set, which costs $299. It’s unknown how many units Nintendo gave to each retailer, but it would appear that GameStop has sold out of the Deluxe kit both online and across all of its retail stores.

GameStop Wii U

Other retailers have sold out of the Wii U as well: Best Buy has sold out of both the Wii U Deluxe and the Basic set. Target appears to have sold out as well online, while Toys ‘R Us appears to have some Wii U units online.

Best Buy Wii U

So if you’re looking to pre-order online or in stores any time soon, Toys ‘R Us is currently your best bet. And you better hurry.

The Wii U is available in the Basic edition, which costs $299 and includes the basic stuff needed to play, while the Deluxe edition adds some accessories, more storage (32 GB), and a copy of Nintendo Land.