Report: Wii U sales top 8 million


According to independent sales tracker VGChartz, whose sales reports have been a hit and miss in the past, the Wii U has now sold over 8 million units worldwide.

The console apparently had a strong holiday sales month in December, and along with sales on Black Friday, this has helped to push Wii U sales to a new milestone: 8.22 million units sold worldwide.

VGChartz also credits Super Smash Bros. for being a boost to Wii U sales, which doesn’t come as a surprise. According to their sales charts, Super Smash Bros has sold over 2 million units on the Wii U.

Of course, these numbers aren’t official by any means — we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to release the real sales numbers in their next quarterly earnings report, which is scheduled to be released next month.

Nintendo’s last quarterly results were released in late-October, where the company revealed that the console had sold 7.29 million worldwide. Earlier this month, Japan’s Media Create, which has a solid track record when it comes to sales numbers, reported that the Wii U had sold 2 million units in Japan.