Project CARS to showcase Wii U’s “hidden power”


The Wii U’s graphical capabilities have long been the source of contention and debate. Detractors are quick to point out that the console is far behind the PS4 or Xbox One in power and will never be able to match them graphically.

Certain games, however, such as Nano Assault Neo and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, show there is yet potential for Wii U games to outshine the last generation.

Slightly Mad Studios, developers of the upcoming multi-platform release Project C.A.R.S., has added their two cents to the discussion, saying their game will “showcase the hidden power the Wii U has”.

Until now, Slightly Mad Studios has only mentioned GamePad features such as motion control when talking about the Wii U version, so it is encouraging to hear them refer to the console as being graphically relevant.

Will Project C.A.R.S. be the game that finally showcases what Nintendo’s console is capable of graphically? Or is this comment by Slightly Mad nothing more than PR talk? Let us know what you think in the comments below!