Wii U price starting at $299, launching November 18

Wii U price and launchAfter much anticipation, Nintendo has officially announced the North American Wii U price and launch date. Just like in the Japanese market, Nintendo will launch with two Wii U models: one starting at $299, and a Premium model at $349. Nintendo also announced some accessories for the console, including stands for the GamePad.

The “base” model will be in white and will include the Wii U console, Wii U GamePad, all necessary cables (including HDMI), and feature 8 GB internal storage. This model will retail at $299.

The “Premium” model will be called “Deluxe”, will come in black, and will up the internal storage to 32 GB flash memory. the Deluxe model is expected to include the new Nintendo Network Premium service, which runs for 2 years and offers gamers 10% off on software and game downloads. This model costs $349, and will include Nintendo Land.

Finally, the Wii U launches on November 18, 2012 across North America. Just like Wii U Daily reported back in April.