Wii U platformer “Poncho” actually looks pretty good in new footage

I have to admit, when I first reported about the game “Poncho” last week, I thought, “oh, here’s another cute indie platformer, that’s exactly what the Wii U needs…”

But now that I’ve seen the first footage of Poncho on the Wii U, it actually looks like a pretty cool game. Sure, it’s very “indie” with its pixelated visuals and beep-beep sound design, but it looks like a fun game.

The levels look well-designed, with some nice parallax backgrounds with interestsing 3D layers, where players can jump to the background, accessing a whole new area of the level.

Check out the video above. Poncho launches on the Wii U today. It retails for $10 on the eShop.