Wii U photos from GamesCom

GamesCom is currently underway in Germany, and while Nintendo isn’t there to officially show off the Wii U and its first party games, third party publishers are. Ubisoft, Warner Bros, EA and others are all showing off their upcoming Wii U titles at GamesCom, many of them playable on the show floor. German game site NTower.de got a chance to check out the show and the Wii U booths, and they snapped some photos for your enjoyment. GamesCom is the biggest gaming event in the world, drawing some 250,000 people each year, making a few times larger than E3 (although E3 isn’t open for public). Check out some of the Wii U photos in the gallery below. Bonus pics: Zombie girls!

Wii U gamesCom

Via NTwoer.de