Wii U GamePad Rattle: Are You Concerned?

The Wii U officially launched yesterday and among the top concerns is the strange rattling sound made by shaking the Wii U GamePad as discussed on the Wii U Forums. There some to be two schools of thought: some think it’s the natural rattling of the buttons while other think the interior was poorly made or improperly assembled.

It’s hard to distinguish since people are using their OWN controller as the example without a single point of reference. So I made a quick video displaying my controller’s rattling, hopefully allowing for a more controlled discussion.

Does your controller make this rattling sound? Is this the sound caused by the buttons or by some other issue? And more importantly, can we agree that EVERYONE’S Wii U GamePad is rattling like this or are there different variations of this rattle, either more or less noticeable?

Head over to the forums and continue the discussion or leave your opinion below!


  • It is NOT the stylus… removing the stylus yields the same result
  • Some have suggested it’s the “rumble pack” causing this… very possible.