Check out this amazing stop motion tear down of the Wii U

We’ve seen the guts of the Wii U torn down by just about everyone under the sun, but it’s never been done as elegantly as it is in this video. YouTuber VSauce has been taking a part several consoles in a series titled, “Fact Surgery”, where facts about the console are presented as it’s torn apart before your very eyes. For example, did you know the Wii U GamePad has a magnometer that uses the Earth’s magnetic field for positioning? Nope? Well now you do, and you can thank Vsauce for that.

The teardown is a great look at the inside of the Wii U, while providing interesting facts as well. Of course, the Wii U isn’t the only console that’s been torn down to date. If you’d like to see a tear down of the original Game Boy, the Xbox One, or the PlayStation 4, they’ve been broken down and given a fact surgery as well. Not too bad!

Thanks to Mark and everyone else who sent this in!