Nintendo: Not a lot of exclusive indie games on Wii U because “we don’t throw around cash”

Nintendo: Not a lot of exclusive indie games on Wii U because

One way to get exclusive content on consoles is to simply pay for it: give the developer a bunch of money not to release the game on other platforms. Both Sony and Microsoft are doing it, getting exclusive (even if for a limited time) games on their platforms. Nintendo isn’t known for doing that.

Nintendo’s Damon Baker recently pointed that out in a new interview with GameInformer, saying that “We’re not known for exclusive [indie games] in particular, and that’s because we’re not throwing around a lot of cash. We also don’t see a huge benefit to developers in driving exclusive deals with platforms and consoles”.

In fact, Nintendo likes to do the opposite, as Baker puts it, “We very much encourage all of our development partners to release simultaneously across all platforms.”

Baker adds that Nintendo is proactive and does reach out to indie developers, but that doesn’t include a bundle of cash like some other platform holders. Instead, Nintendo pitches the Wii U and the second screen experience as a big draw on their platforms.

There have been plenty of indie game released on the Wii U, however, the platform is lagging behind in indie content compared to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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