Wii U videos
We’ve collected lots of Wii U videos from E3, with a ton of gameplay footage from games such as Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, Project P-100, ZombiU, and more. All of the videos were captured on and off screen during E3, some by us, some by other media outlets. Later on, we’ll have a roundup of Wii U trailers as well. Check out the Wii U E3 videos after the break, including the entire Nintendo E3 press conference.

New Super Mario Bros. gameplay

A full 4 minutes of off-screen gameplay from New Super Mario Bros U, which is scheduled to be a Wii U launch title.

Nintendo Land gameplay

Nintendo Land is a collection to 12 mini games, in the videos below, we see Ninja Castle, the Zelda Battle Quest mini game, and finally, there’s a video of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.

Pikmin 3 gameplay

A minute and a half of Pikmin 3 gameplay, some of which we saw during the Nintendo 3 press conference when it was presented by Shigeru Miyamoto.

ZombiU gameplay video

ZombiU is easily the best looking game we’ve seen here at E3, and features real next gen graphics and lighting effects. The video below, even when it’s off screen footage, still shows how good ZombiU is looking.

Project P-100 gameplay

Project P-100 was easily one of the oddest games we’ve seen at E3, and it took us quite a while to figure out what was going on. But it definitely looks interesting.

Complete Nintendo E3 press conference

Finally, Nintendo has posted the entire hour-long press conference online, in case you missed anything.