Mario Mega Bundle

Quite often the UK and the rest of Europe are left out on news of great deals on Nintendo products on Wii U Daily, but that’s not the case this year! Here’s our holiday gift guide exclusively for Europe.


Nintendo has really been trying to bring some exclusivity to Europe with the red/white model of the 2DS and now the Mario Mega Bundle for the Wii U.

[UPDATEShopto has just put up an amazing deal. For £279.85 you get: Wii U 32gb Premium pack + New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U + Super Mario 3D World + Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Olymic Games + Sonic All Star Racing Transformed]

The Mario Mega Bundle consists of the Wii U 32gb premium pack, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, a Mario Wiimote Plus and a Mario hat…that’s right, you get Mario’s hat! All of this for £299 and it can be bought directly from the Nintendo website with a free next day delivery service included.

Though the Mario Mega bundle seems to be a UK ONLY offer the rest of Europe still has some fantastic packages to chose from. There’s the Mario & Luigi Bundle containing a Wii U 32GB Premium pack, New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U for €299 (Gamestop) or in the UK for £242.86 (Shopto).

There is also the Just Dance bundle which consists of  the basic 8GB Wii U, Just Dance 2014, Nintendo Land and an extra Wiimote plus controller for €299


Zac’s Top 8 Must Play Games

  1. Super Mario 3D World – The best place to pick it up online seems to be Shopto for £35.86 or €45.90 on Amazon
  2. Pikmin 3 –  It’s a beautiful game that’s even relaxing at times!
  3. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD – Is just as much fun for those playing it for the first time as those who remember it from the good old GameCube days.
  4. Lego City: Undercover – Great if you’re after a GTA styled open world game with some great gags, this will not fail to impress you!
  5. Rayman Legends – Although it went from being exclusive for Wii U to being on every other home console, it is still best enjoyed on the Nintendo Wii U!
  6. The Wonderful 101 – Provides an opportunity to be 100 other superheroes, what more do you want?
  7. Nintendo Land – A real blast to play with family and friends this holiday season and its not that pricey either!
  8. ZombiU – Despite what certain critics said about it upon release, its a survival horror in the classic sense! If you play one zombie game this year make it this one! (£14.99 @ Grainger games)



Fantastic Deals

Here are some fantastic deals I’ve found for you including some worthwhile accesories and cheap Wii U games!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze preorder for £29.99 at Grainger games UK (they also deliver throughout Europe at an extra delivery cost of £6 for 2 items, which works out to be very good considering they have some great offers on!).

If you’re living in the UK then there’s a whole heap of deals knocking about at the moment. John Lewis have Pikmin 3 on sale for £19.99 in store and online. If you haven’t already got it then Nintendo Land is also worth picking up from the same place at the same price except JL are offering a Luigi mascot keychain for free.

PC World/Currys are selling the sexy Wii U pro controller for just £29.99 making it one of the best high street prices I’ve seen for this product.

If you’re looking for that multiplayer fun this holiday season I also found a 3rd party Wii U pro controller priced at €29.99 on the Deutsch GameStop website.

For those of you living in France and looking to buy in store, I would highly recommend E.Leclerc. They have some fantastic prices on games such as Wii Party U for only €36

Let us know of any other good deals on Wii U products in the comments below because sharing is caring!