Wii U Daily comment rules and guideline

Wii U daily commentThere comes a time when a site crosses the threshold and becomes popular, when regular readers and commenters are established, and with that comes some responsibility. While we are thrilled with the growth of Wii U Daily and the thousands upon thousands of daily visitors, we have so set some guidelines for when it comes to posting comments on the site. While we’re big supporters of your freedom of speech and your right as a reader to express your opinion and your mind, we still have to moderate a lot of the discussion due to improper┬ábehavior. From now on, we’ll be cracking down on bad behavior in the comments section. Here are some of the rules and guidelines to posting comments on Wii U Daily:

  • Don’t troll
  • Don’t post “first!” as the first commenter on a post. It’s not 1999. And you’re usually not first anyway.
  • Do not post links to shady websites and spam sites (this is the quickest way to get banned here).
  • Do┬ánot insult other users (this is the second quickest way to get banned here).
  • Do not impersonate other commentators and Wii U Daily staff. To reserve your username and add an avatar, sign up for Gravatar.
  • No excessive swearing and no hate-mongering.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Respect others’ opinions.

In addition to these rules, we will continue to use the comment rating system. Readers can upvote good comments and downvote bad ones. Hopefully this simple voting system will take care of the majority of problems and make it unnecessary to moderate comments, as you, the readers, get to pick what’s good and what’s bad.

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