Wii U Daily Readers: Do you want to see 3DS news?


This is a bit of a meta post for our readers. Over the past few months we’ve gotten contact requests and comments asking why we don’t cover 3DS news, or start a 3DS site similar to what we’ve done with PS4 Daily and Xbox One Daily. I’ve listened to your requests to add 3DS eShop downloads to the weekly Nintendo downloads post, but I need your help if you want to see 3DS news covered under our umbrella.

Rob Jackson, the site owner has asked me to find out how interested our readers are in 3DS coverage, in addition to the current Wii U news, reviews, and features. This would not be presented as a separate site, but rather as an augmentation of Wii U Daily. 3DS news and features would be present under a tab on the main page, so those of you who are interested in 3DS news will see it there, while those of you who only browse the site for our Wii U coverage will not be inundated by a sudden influx of 3DS news.

What do you think of this addition? Is this something you’d want to see for the site? If you have any ideas about how the 3DS news should be presented here on Wii U Daily, now’s the chance to make your voice be heard. Rob will be reading the comments and will take the community’s thoughts into consideration as we plan our next moves.